WES Industries, Inc.
WES Industries offers a complete line of packaged cogeneration systems for energy management and power cost reduction.

Cogeneration offers significant benefits and is
energy-efficient compared with buying electricity from a utility.   With cogeneration, less fuel or electricity is needed to provide for the companys power, by taking advantage of waste heat for steam and/or HVAC needs.
Cogeneration provides significant environmental benefits as well.  With Cogenera­tion, total fuel consumption is less than with separate facilities for power and steam; therefore, fewer greenhouse gases are produced.

Cogeneration is a good example of how business needs and the markets encourage investments to reduce costs, generate income and achieve significant environmental gains.  Cogeneration has been proven to be a sound investment  your pocket book will benefit and so will the environment.

The WES team will evaluate your facility, engineering the solution, and obtain all required permits to complete a successful installation.
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