WES Industries, Inc.
What It Does

Sunlight is used to generate electricity with a Photovoltaic solar energy system. It lowers your utility bill, and helps reduce fossil-fuel consumption and global warming. Photovoltaic systems lasts for many years, and adds to the value of your home.

Tax credits and rebates are available in many areas, and many utilities offer net metering. With these, any extra electricity you generate and feed out to the utility grid spins your meter backwards, saving you even more money.
How it Works

1. Sunlight hitting silicon cells in
a module generates a direct current.

2. A switch protects the
solar modules from grid
power fluctuations.

3. The solar direct current goes from
the solar modules to an inverter,
which converts it to household AC.

4. If there is extra solar current,
the system feeds it to the utility
grid, running the meter backwards.

5. If more power is needed, the
switch draws power from the
utility grid.
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