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Anthony DeLoach is the founder, CEO, and President of WES Industries Inc. This company began in 1986 and continues the family tradition of designing and manufacturing water, environmental, wastewater, and odor control/air emission systems for multiple industries around the globe. 

WES Industries Inc. provides intellectual property development, design engineering, manufacturing, installation, operation, and maintenance services; before forming WES Industries, he was groomed by his father, Walter W. DeLoach, who pioneered Reverse Osmosis and Degasification of water treatment in his company DeLoach Industries Inc. in 1959.

Anthony DeLoach is an entrepreneur, an inventor, and a business owner/operator. He has more than 45 years of extensive background in the design and manufacturing of process systems for water and air treatment. His work history includes offices throughout the USA and overseas, service to the major municipalities across the USA, food and beverage, medical, and oil industry for Chevron, Amoco, BP, Exxon, and major oil companies, DOD, DOE, US Navy, U.S. Air Force, and a wide range of industrial customers.

Mr. DeLoach attended college at the University of Florida for Chemical Engineering after graduating in the top 10% US class. He has invented and received 5 USA and international patents in water purification, air emission treatment, and VOC contamination remedial process systems. Mr. DeLoach is a licensed Class A General, Utility, and Pollutant Specialty contractor and has held certified licenses in multiple states within the USA. Mr. DeLoach developed and wrote the Environmental Engineering Handbook for remediation and treatment for Chevron USA, Amoco, and BP Oil for the USA in the early 90s.

In addition to his background in water treatment, Mr. DeLoach has extensive knowledge of renewable energy, including Solar PV, Cogeneration, Waste Heat Recovery, Energy Storage, and Active Power Recycling ™. He has previously designed, manufactured, and installed the USA's most extensive rooftop Solar photovoltaic system. He is often a guest speaker at the Carbon War Room in Washington, DC, founded by Richard Branson for Renewable Energy and Micro Grid Technologies. Mr. DeLoach has security clearance with both the DOD and DOE. As President of WES Industries Inc., Mr. DeLoach and his team responded the day after the September 11 attack on NYC. The company responded and traveled into the blast zone in NYC to provide the necessary equipment and repairs for a critical customer.

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