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Reverse Osmosis

WES Industries offers a complete line of packaged RO systems.

  • Conversion of HighTotal Dissolved Solids in
    water to drinking water via energy efficient, 
    single-pass reverse osmosis technology. 
    (Seawater conversion units are also available.)

  • Compact pre-engineered units from 5000
    to 1 million gallons per day capacities.
    Larger volumes are available by using
    multiple units or with WES custom-designed packages.

  • Automatic shutdown features protect
    membranes, piping, and pumps from major faults. 
    Individual visual and audible alarms (optional) 
    simplify system monitoring.
  • All controls and instrumentation
    conveniently located for simple 
    operation and easy access for servicing.

  • High-efficiency centrifugal pumps, 304
    Stainless Steel.(316 optional) .

  • Spiral wound and high-rejection membranes
    are utilized.  Alternative membranes are 

  • Full line of pre-treatment, post-treatment,
    future expansion, and energy recovery 
    operations available for all applications. 
    (As options.)

Product Applications

  • Drinking - For Private Homes, Work, Camps, Hotels,  Resorts, and Municipalities.
  • General Domestic - For Bathing, Cooking, Cleaning, Laundering, and Swimming Pools.
  • Food and Beverage - For Restaurants
  • Agriculture  - For Irrigation,  Hydroponic Gardening.
  • Chemical industrial - For Process, Rinsing, Cooling,  Solution  Make-up, Boiler  Feedwater.
  • Construction  - For Concrete.
  • Clean-up.
  • Landscaping.
  • Bakeries.
  • Breweries.
  • Bottling.


Based on properly pretreated water of 500 PPM TDS at 7rF (25°C) and 10 psig product pressure. Capacity will vary with salinity, temperature, operating, and product pressure recoveries will vary with appropriate pretreatment.

Based on a high-pressure pump motor at maximum operational pressure.

Feed Pressure: 40 psig (dynamic) min. ISO psig max.
Product Pressure: O psig min.140 psig max. Feed Temp: (at standard atmospheric conditions); TFC Spiral: 34°F (1°C) min./104°F (40°C) max. Feedwater Suspended Solids: Silt Density Index (SOl) less than five at the membrane. WES will select proper pretreatment after reviewing feedwater characteristics.

230 Volt/3 Phase/60 Hz
460 Volt/3 Phase/60 Hz

Protection against extreme temperatures
and direct exposure to sunlight 34 F (1 C
min./104°F (40°C) max. is required.

Expansion Capabilities Pretreatment/Post-treatment Equipment Feedwater pH Monitor or Control System Feedwater Pump Package
Spare Parts and Consumable Inventory
Alternate Elect. Voltages, Controls &
Ratings. Recycling of Waste.

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Manufactured to meet all NSF, ASTM, ASME, and ANSI requirements.